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With an eye towards my front door and the open bag of fruity, chewy, sour candy sitting nearby, I am scraping the last remnants of soy peanut butter fudge ice cream out of the corners of my dish and pondering seconds. It has been a “seconds” type of day. And, not to mention, I am very proud of myself: I only consumed three, small, insignificant peanut M&Ms today from the teacher’s snack drawer. As a general rule, I do not care for nor eat candy. However, M&Ms are an exception I am willing to make on a daily basis to the detriment of my healthy intentions.

Pause . . . several more action figures and witches just rang my door bell. “Trick or treat!” I hear from a chorus of un-spooky gremlins.

“It’s a good thing,” I muse, “that David and I decided to grab a large bag of his favorites on the way home. Otherwise, batman would have been out of luck.”

Where was I? Oh, yes, M&Ms. Ever since watching the “Wedding Planner” as a teenager, I’ve been an addict of the red and brown balls of delectably hard candy coatings and chocolate-covered peanut centers. “Why?” you might ask . . . that answer is easy. Red and brown are more natural colors. At least that is what Matthew Mcconaughey says.

So, for tonight, I am going to pass out sugar bombs to every person under the age of 20 that stops by my front door. Tomorrow, however, I am going to check students at the classroom door for candy and then pass out NyQuil to all who even so much as displays one little, tiny jitter.

Oh, and I might get seconds on ice cream.