Between Denver and Dakar, Day 3

Dear David, Remind the kids to remember. Write it down. Keep a record. Fill a journal. Etch memories into their hearts. "Taste and see that the LORD is good." I am coming to realize that remembering is integral to giving thanks. Remembering is the precursor to trust and faith. Without remembering how Christ has performed... Continue Reading →


Between Denver and Dakar, Day 2

Dear David, Your weary body and your team have landed in the humid, wild coastal capital city of Dakar, Senegal. For that I am so grateful. My first waking thought this morning included calculations of what time zone you were in and how you must be feeling. I pray that you slept deeply on the... Continue Reading →

Between Denver and Dakar, Day 1

Dear David, This morning I clung fiercely to your neck, wrapped tightly in your embrace, while high schoolers snickered nearby and teary-eyed parents snapped photos. You smelled of Old Spice body wash and fresh winter air. I buried my nose in you, memorizing even these smallest details. Saying "Goodbye" never gets easier. Stacks of black-and-white passport copies... Continue Reading →

When it’s a challenge

I'm brushing my teeth and stewing in discontent and frustration. Blemishes from too much chocolate and too much stress pockmark my reflection. Harsher blemishes from sarcasm and the three-ring circus we call "middle school" pockmark my soul. In the midst of my grumbling scrubbing, a still, small whisper breaks through my revere. "What about giving thanks? What... Continue Reading →

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