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What better way to start off a morning than with a plate decorated with blueberries and a steaming cup of decaf raspberry black tea topped with frothed almond milk? I’m not sure.

Perhaps, by reading a friend’s blog and rejoicing with her in the exciting new adventure that God is leading her on through her photography business and in her heart, as she leaves behind some of the hustle and bustle of business and focuses on relationships and love stories.  (Read more about her at Rachael {Hope} Photography).

Perhaps, by cuddling near my fireplace with a childhood friend and discussing how her videography business is going to share life, capturing moments that last forever. (See some of her love and life stories at Snap Video Production).

Perhaps, simply, by dreaming again.

I’m dreaming of becoming a New York Times bestselling author . . .

I’m dreaming of becoming a doula and caring for women through the entire beautiful process of birth . . .

I’m dreaming of not having to work, but rather spending my days sipping coffee and basking in the sunshine . . .

Maybe, my dreams are a tad unrealistic for this moment. However, friends, at least I am dreaming again. I’m frothing almond milk, eating blueberries, and loving my husband. I’m writing for relief, for ministry, for hope, but rarely in despair. I’m being refined like silver (more to come on this topic later).

What are your dreams? Do you have a bucket list for this year? Do you have some unrealistic goals that help you wake up in the morning and pry your sleepy eyes open?

I pray that your answer is “Yes!” If not, start making some. Start crafting some of those goals. Start frothing your milk and eating your blueberries. There’s not a much better way to start a morning.

May your day be blessed and running over with God’s goodness.