Cold toes and grapefruit flesh

Red flesh of a grapefruit spurts acidic juice as it is cut and divided, while nut-and-fruit-laced oatmeal disappears by the spoonful. Starbuck's "Joy" tea slowly cools in black and white paisley mug. Open windows invite the cool Spring air inside, accompanied by the call of the doves and the quiet stirrings of a sleepy neighborhood. A... Continue Reading →


When the horizon is hazy

A forest fire is burning along the Rocky Mountains. Smoke obscures the perfect silhouettes of jagged cliffs and snow-capped peaks. Haze hides from view other peaks normally visible from the trail near my house. As I meandered along a nature path this morning, coffee cup in hand, I strained to pick out the majestic cliffs that usually accompany me.... Continue Reading →

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