Untitled Day. {Some call it Monday.}

An interesting phenomenon occurs every week. Monday. I have no scientific explanation for the lethargic zombie that seems to walk in my shoes and attempt to teach on Mondays. As one teacher in my building keeps posted on her door throughout the school year, "I am confusing myself with my own confusion." Apt description for... Continue Reading →


Don’t get too excited yet

Somehow I feel very proud of myself. Breathing a sigh of relief, I pause to reflect... I survived - my students survived - Day 2 of the 2012-2013 school year. While that feels like an incredible accomplishment right now, I know we are just on the brink of the next ten months of lectures, practice,... Continue Reading →

A glassblower’s shop {Into the flames again}

During a recent week-long get-away in Florida, I sat mesmerized in a brutally hot workshop of several glass blowers. The nondescript cement floor became the artists platform for beauty, while ugly tables and tools crafted the most delicate pieces of art. While most of the audience who sat on the bleachers watching the two craftsmen... Continue Reading →

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