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I need a long, hot bath. I need a massage. I need to inhale.

An alarm clock shook me out of sleep fraught with angry dreams. School bells every 43 minutes kept me moving from one class period to another. I’m done in.

Still, the Fall air beckons, and I stumble outdoors to capture its essence. Today’s pursuit of Crazy Joy seeks for three gifts falling. Eyes wide open, I walk, dream, read, listen, watch, camera lens clicking.

5 a.m. shower droplets tracing patterns down glass panes.

Coffee maker dripping, streaming warmth downward.

Tree leaves dancing down beneath temperatures cooling.

It is for these things that I give thanks, pursuing Crazy Joy. Today, I did not teach well, nor did I believe well. I pray for miracles, yet I struggle to believe for the future. Still, I listen to the lullaby – the lullaby of gifts falling.

To join me in this joy dare, this pursuit of crazy joy, click here to download 31-days of October thanksgivings.

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