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Sweaters folders. Shoes wedged into crevices of jeans and power chargers. Suitcase weighed. Second suitcase filling. A late night shower followed by an early morning flight. Exit Saturday and enter Sunday.

De-iced airplane. Still air. Airport bookshop. Worship at the church where I was dedicated as an infant. Black bean soup. Evening football cuddled in a chair near my dad. Desserts. Sliced cheeses and apple. Cell phone conversation with my husband followed by not enough hours of sleep. Exit Sunday and enter Monday.

4:30 a.m. alarm clock. Hot shower. Cereal and hot tea. Hospital paperwork. Hospital rooms. Hospital tests. Hospital cafe. Shopping with my Mama. And it’s still Monday.

So, I give thanks…

{Saturday’s October Joy Dare…3 Gifts Redeemed}

A season of family relationships burdened by many things, but still a gift redeemed.

A diagnosis that doesn’t fit doctor’s textbook answers, but still a gift redeemed. 

A heart heavy with miracles yet answered, but still a gift redeemed. 

{Sunday’s October Joy Dare…A Gift Stirred, Baked, Eaten}

Crumbly, moist blueberry tart. Packaged from behind glass counter. Brick walls and festooning ribbons. Ooh la la Desserts at its finest.

{Monday’s October Joy Dare…3 Gifts Prayed For}

A heart un-broken.

A body un-scarred.

A love un-deserved.