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The days get longer, while the sun continues to rise. I’m so tired. Matter of fact, just about everyone I know is tired. Students and teachers alike dream of Spring Break. Unfortunately, there’s not been that much shut-eye time to savor said dreaming.

Still, a few words are owed this neglected blog…

Perhaps a few words about a student who runs, screaming and singing throughout the halls, all whilst dumping water a top an already-dripping head…”I’m singing in the rain,” he proclaimed. 

Perhaps a few words about snowstorms and snow ice. Sledding and shoveling. 

Perhaps a few words about last-minute plane tickets purchased two weeks ahead of time for an unscheduled trip to Houston. My ailing grandfather and personal medical issues both bring me to a ten-day-away departure time. 

Perhaps a few words about the incredible, homemade chicken noodle soup that I made tonight. Or the other many nights proceeding this one where leftovers and cereal were the normal fare. 

Perhaps those few words are enough.