When we struggle and when we rejoice {The Chaos and Beauty of the Co-Mingling}

Count the moments when you ONLY felt pure joy. They are few and far between. Count the days when grief was so overwhelming that there wasn't even a moment of a rainbow. Also, praise God, those days do not occur often. Yet, I've experience both. You too have undoubtedly walked through the rainbow and the... Continue Reading →


A perfect, turned-up nose {And other 22 weeks updates}

Lights turned off, Netflix droning on in the background, and David's hand on my belly…Abby kicked and he felt it. The moment I've been waiting for. At 21 weeks, 3 days. Proving my midwife wrong, who informed us literally moments before we told her how strong Abby was kicking that David wouldn't feel her until... Continue Reading →

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