28 Week Update {We might have a baby this week}

Okay…where to begin... The big snowstorm that coated Denver in slush also freed up some appointments at the specialist's office this morning, and they were able to fit me in. Relief flooded me, as we walked through the doors once again of the same place that confirmed that Abby DIDN'T have spina bifida in November.... Continue Reading →


Asking for Prayer. Not the first time. And not the last. {Week 28 Update}

The wind has begun to howl and wrap icy snow around the house. The clock reads nearly 11 p.m., and I'm wide awake. To be perfectly honest, I've had a 2-hour nap, but then woke up and needed a snack. Now, I'm processing. Processing my need for prayer. Again. This evening (while sitting in a... Continue Reading →

Medical Bills and Energy Limits {Week 26 Update}

The highs and lows of this week have been rather monumental... On Thursday, I opened the first bill from the specialist's office (consult and ultrasound after false positive spina bifida screening in November) and gulped at the $560 bill. Apparently, insurance only "adjusted" the over-$600 bill by about $95. Yikes! I know that I can... Continue Reading →

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