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Okay…where to begin…

The big snowstorm that coated Denver in slush also freed up some appointments at the specialist’s office this morning, and they were able to fit me in. Relief flooded me, as we walked through the doors once again of the same place that confirmed that Abby DIDN’T have spina bifida in November. Unfortunately, today’s news was not quite so cheery.

My placenta and the umbilical cord are failing. Apparently, this happens to couch potatoes and runners alike, mamas who gain very little and mamas who gain 50 pounds. Sometimes, a placenta’s “life span” is just much shorter than normal. Mine happens to be one of those.

Abigail Nichelle has officially been diagnosed with intrauterine growth restrictions; i.e. she has fallen from the 22% for size/weight in December to the 8% as of today. The good news is that the doctors caught this before the placenta failed and Abby ran out of oxygen. The implications of this miracle are huge. We will not be having a stillborn baby. We may be having a tiny, very premature baby; however, she will be very much alive. Thank You, Jesus.

The doctor was able to measure the blood flow in the brain and measure all of her organs. As of right now, she has not suffered a single developmental disadvantage. I’m filled with such gratitude for that. However, we are now “on notice” that at each weekly appointment we will face the question of whether or not to be induced. Next Wednesday they will measure the rate of the placenta’s failure and decide whether or not Abby can make it another week inside of me. We could have a baby by next weekend.

I’m reeling this afternoon. I can “DO” very little to change this outcome. I have been instructed to stop running (LOL) and to add about 300 calories of high protein/healthy fat to attempt to boost the placenta. Apparently, neither bed rest nor a high-calorie diet actually affect this diagnosis. As the specialist explained, “The placenta is like a kitchen. No matter what you supply it with or how much, it has to create and send the food to the baby. The mother can’t actually change that.”

So we wait. And scramble. Pack hospital bags. Look at my registries to figure out what we MUST buy this week just in case. For example, diapers might be helpful. Maybe the rocking chair. I don’t even know right now. My meal planning has gone out the window for now, as have my aspirations to have a fully cleaned/prepared house. I might just hire a maid if we actually get induced next weekend. Sounds silly to even contemplate these things.

We also pray. Pray hard. And ask you to pray. As the days go on, we will probably also need practical things. Like groceries. Meals. Diapers. Cleaning/organizing help. I don’t even know.

I do know that my God is a God of the Impossible. He can create a new placenta or cause this one to function beyond what doctors believe it is capable of. He can protect Abby is bring her to full development. I believe we are in His hands and surrounded by His community.

We need you guys and are so overwhelmed by your love even over the past 24 hours. Until next Wednesday….