The Last One Of These Updates {On the Verge of 37 Weeks}

Doctors didn't think we would make it to this day. Friends and family prayed that we would not be induced at 28-29 weeks pregnant. Our goal at that point was 32 weeks. As my specialist exclaimed when she saw my swollen ankles and growing belly at a recent appointment, "Oh, I can't even tell you... Continue Reading →


A Love Letter to My Daughter {9 Days Till Birth}

Dearest Abigail, Sweet One... How I have dreamed and longed for this day. This day when I could rub my ever-expanding belly and imagine you soon in my arms. Your Mama is crying, Little One. Crying because of God's goodness. Crying because of the miracle of you. Crying because my pregnant hormones have very few... Continue Reading →

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