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When my dear friend gifted me with an incredible maternity photo shoot, she discussed ideas, looked at my Pinterest “pins,” created a photo storyboard, and – more than anything else – sat with me on her couch, our matching pregnant bellies at rest, sharing advice from her first birth and calming my fears about my own. There are no words to describe how blessed I am by our friendship, and our upcoming baby girls – both potentially arriving on April 4 – are destined to be the best of friends. Hazel and Abby…both miracles given by God.

At 30 weeks, she captured these precious photos…memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. While I hope for a growing family, our 3.5-year-long journey to conceive Abby reminds me that this may be my only time to revel in the beauty of a big belly. And, I love it!

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