Newborn Photos {Part I}

My best friend Rachael (who also took my pregnancy reveal and maternity photos) is sweetly taking photos of Abby as she progresses through these sleepy weeks of early babyhood. Since we both delivered baby girls within a week of each other, neither of us are up for photo shoots requiring any amount of great production.... Continue Reading →


Dear Abby {Three Weeks & A Whole Lot of Poop}

Dear Abby, We've changed over 75 diapers this week, according to the TotalBaby app on my phone. Mama is so grateful for this app. Without it, I wouldn't remember when I fed you last or when I pumped last, when I changed you last or when I bathed you last. I'm so tired that I've... Continue Reading →

Our Birth Story {And My One-Week Letter to My Daughter}

*Disclaimer: This may not be the blog post for everyone's taste. Some of the details that I want to record and remember are beautiful to those involved, but may not be deemed "appropriate" by all readers. Feel free to skip this post :)* Dearest Abigail, You have arrived. For nine beautiful, terrifying, incredible days, you... Continue Reading →

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