This is NOT the update I want to write {But something just as precious}

I missed writing my 10-month update. On March 4, I should be writing Abby's 11-month update. And, while the next several weeks promise to be insanely busy, I have faith that I will write...eventually. That's how I process stress and life. That's how I keep time, record memories, emerge from the fog that is early... Continue Reading →


The Stretch Marks of Infertility

Tears streamed down my cheeks, as I clenched an empty coffee mug and sat cross-legged in bed, overcome by a familiar grief. My 10-month-old was asleep in her crib. My husband was sitting nearby. Nothing seemed amiss on this particular evening in February. But, the images wouldn’t leave. Of myself curled in a ball on... Continue Reading →

The Birth Dance: Mama & Partner in Beautiful Rhythm

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” murmured a soon-to-be-dad, as he watched his fatigued wife briefly resting hours after her water broke. His wife had fought hard and long for her natural birth, laboring through transition-like contractions induced by Pitocin before finally needing something to take the edge off. Through those intense hours,... Continue Reading →

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