When I get the first texts from my doula clients that they are in early labor, I always respond with something along the lines of, “Make sure to eat, drink, sleep, and shower/bathe right now. Your body needs to fuel up for the coming involuntary marathon!

That advice holds true. For all of parenting – not just labor. Perhaps, really, for all of life.

Eat. Drink. Sleep. Shower.

Life may turn into an involuntary marathon at any moment.

This last week has involved me getting the flu, Abby coming down with the croup, an ER visit for her breathing on the day of her dedication, her first ear infection, no sleep for either of us, and a full work schedule (doula meetings and I taught an essential oil class)

I should have followed my own advice.

Eat. Drink. Sleep. Shower.

Just thought I would pass that on for any of you who were considering your plans for the day. I have a few recommendations.

Oh, and drink some coffee.