A Review of 2015 {Taking time to let my soul breathe}

Thanks to Emily P. Freeman and her blog Chatting at the Sky (an amazing, soul-filling read if you don't already follow her), I am reflecting on what 2015 held before rushing into 2016 resolutions. I am a goal-setter by nature. A challenger. A high-intensity competitor. But, I'm learning to value the PAUSE. The inhale and... Continue Reading →


When Your Heart Feels Stuck {But Life Keeps Moving}

I need an island escape. A mountain chateau. A chair on the beach. Or, at least some bathroom time without narrating to my inquisitive toddler exactly how "pottying" works. I want to sit and mull over life, but when Abby naps and I sit to write, I can't put two words together. My heart feels... Continue Reading →

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