About Lattes

Thoughts on coffee and over coffee . . . a collection of meandering pontifications.

Since my dad returned from his many international mission trips laden with incredible coffees from around the world, I have had a craving for well-roasted beans. At that point in my coffee-lover’s career (elementary and middle school), I simply inhaled the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, as I simultaneously groaned at my blaring alarm clock. Fast forward to freshman year of college, and I found myself enrolled in an 8 a.m. Ancient Hebrew course in a dreary basement classroom with a professor who alternated between his monotone voice and his monotone voice. Start my obsession and addiction to drinking coffee.

Since then, I have cultivated a taste for delicate coffees, robust brews, vanilla black teas, and delightful cafes in which to sip said lattes. Very few of my countless journal entries were added without a companionable mug nearby.

Reflections in this category include cafe and coffee reviews, prayer journal entries, and the random meanderings that result from drinking very good coffee.



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  1. I don’t know where you live, but if you ever get the chance to come to New Zealand you should, for the coffee. We have some of the best coffee in the world (potentially hyperbolic, but I have travelled to Canada, the States and parts of Europe and no one could quite match us). Maybe once your little one is born and happy and healthy you could follow your palate to taste some antipodeon coffee 🙂

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