About Love

A kiss, an alluring glance, intertwined fingers, a ring, promise me forever, captivate me today . . . love letters to my husband and reflections on marriage.

I married my best friend during Christmas break of my junior year of college. After several years of long conversations and sweet times of prayer and worship together, we dated for a mere five months before David proposed to me on one knee in a verdant park in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky. Five months later we each said, “I Do.” His grandparents took one look at our young ages (I was 18) and declared that we would raise one another. They didn’t know how true that prophecy would prove.

Soap fights and tickling wars have aged me. Nearly ten years later, I am still in the process of navigating this jungle we call “marriage.” Come along with me, as I write David love letters, discuss the good and the bad, and reflect on a marriage made for eternity. As of August 2013, we embarked together on more than just our love, but the overflow of our love into the life of a new little one – our first baby. Now in 2016, we are adding to the joy with our second baby. We couldn’t be more thrilled and terrified!


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  1. I stumbled upon your blog while at work today. I found myself coming back to it several times to read just a little more. I love your writing style and personality that flows through your words. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. I’m honored that I could bring some “bliss” to your day. My journey is by no means perfect and often isn’t even graceful, but I pray that it can bless others as we travel together!

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