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Hasz_Finals_Color_109With a cup of steaming black tea or an indulgent cappuccino in hand, I am in a state of bliss. Add a long walk around my Colorado pond or a peaceful morning with my Bible and journal and I am a content woman. My husband David is the Prince Charming of my dreams. He loves me, supports me, and keeps me grounded during my “flights of fancy.”

My journey has in no way been straight nor easy, marred as it has been by anorexia, perfectionism, the rape of a dear friend, depression, and infertility. Still, I press on. I dance with no rhythm. I cry with abandon. I love wholeheartedly. I sing with no tune. I write passionately. I love the students and the friends that Christ has blessed me with. I am becoming whole.

As of August 2013, I finally became pregnant with my now 2-year-old daughter. Several miscarriages and more heartache than I can imagine will forever be part of my story. Still, my heart is opening. Healing. Loving. I am a Mama. Abby was born April 4, 2014.

Now, I work in the birth world that I love as the Center Manager at Baby+Co birth center in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. I am pregnant (also through IVF) with our second baby – this time a son – due December 9, 2016. This season is an adventure, and I would be honored if you joined me in the journey. View More: http://rachaelhopephotography.pass.us/hasz-family-collection

Contact me by email at lauren.cupofbliss@gmail.com or at lhasz@babyandcompany.com.


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  1. You are beautiful and my eyes tear as I read your transparency. My past is similar and my cry is as yours – a deep calling into the deep. I enjoy reading your thoughts, ideas and dreams. You are a gift and I look forward to how our God lives through you…..through the years. Blessings, d

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