Apparently We Are All Really, Really Tired {And it is a tired that goes deeper than our next Venti latte}

My brain didn't quite emerge from its fog, as Abby appeared in our upstairs bedroom for the umpteenth time last night. My voice had lost its gracious "I'm-the-model-Mama" tone and taken on the "next-person-who-wakes-me-is-going-to-suffer-my-wrath" edge. Micah had already been awake to nurse twice, and my body groaned with the sheer effort of focusing on Abby's... Continue Reading →


Rethinking 2015 Goals {Shifting Focus}

A week or so ago, I wrote down some goals for 2015. Things like "run a 10K or half marathon," "make more time to personally relax," and "get back into cooking healthy meals." All good goals. All worthwhile. All legitimate desires. None, though, that truly echo how I want 2015 to be characterized. I want... Continue Reading →

Introspection {A tale of an ordinary girl}

As a generation, we are not introspective - self-centered, yes, but not philosophically questioning. Somewhere in the glitz and the glam of social media, we've forgotten to evaluate who we are at the core of our God-created beings, but rather gotten very skilled at the art of broadcasting the pieces of ourselves that measure up,... Continue Reading →

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Charlie Brown's Christmas' "O Tannenbaum" serenades my efforts to celebrate all that is precious, good, and . . . alive. Very alive. A frothy espresso rewards my nearly all-day cleaning and decorating efforts. Laundry done. Sheets and towels washed. Every inch of bathroom and bedroom cleaned and dusted. Christmas decorations dug out of storage and... Continue Reading →

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