Apparently We Are All Really, Really Tired {And it is a tired that goes deeper than our next Venti latte}

My brain didn't quite emerge from its fog, as Abby appeared in our upstairs bedroom for the umpteenth time last night. My voice had lost its gracious "I'm-the-model-Mama" tone and taken on the "next-person-who-wakes-me-is-going-to-suffer-my-wrath" edge. Micah had already been awake to nurse twice, and my body groaned with the sheer effort of focusing on Abby's... Continue Reading →


Introspection {A tale of an ordinary girl}

As a generation, we are not introspective - self-centered, yes, but not philosophically questioning. Somewhere in the glitz and the glam of social media, we've forgotten to evaluate who we are at the core of our God-created beings, but rather gotten very skilled at the art of broadcasting the pieces of ourselves that measure up,... Continue Reading →

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Charlie Brown's Christmas' "O Tannenbaum" serenades my efforts to celebrate all that is precious, good, and . . . alive. Very alive. A frothy espresso rewards my nearly all-day cleaning and decorating efforts. Laundry done. Sheets and towels washed. Every inch of bathroom and bedroom cleaned and dusted. Christmas decorations dug out of storage and... Continue Reading →

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