Monday Musings {A Recovering Workaholic}

While driving back from a doula client meeting this Sunday, I sat ensconced in my own thoughts, Rachel Hollis' voice reading "Girl, Wash Your Face" aloud, and a heart that kept pointing fingers at back at myself. You see, Rachel discussed her own fears and failings and she bandied about the term "workaholic". She's "recovering"... Continue Reading →


Not In Our Early 20s Anymore {Brutally Honest Confessions}

One of the newest hashtags that David and I bandy about on a regular basis these days is "#notinourearly20sanymore." This could be used to aptly describe how exhausted we are by 8:30 pm. Or how we have both needed sudden and extensive (and expensive) dental work this summer. Or perhaps how my annual exam revealed... Continue Reading →

A Review of 2015 {Taking time to let my soul breathe}

Thanks to Emily P. Freeman and her blog Chatting at the Sky (an amazing, soul-filling read if you don't already follow her), I am reflecting on what 2015 held before rushing into 2016 resolutions. I am a goal-setter by nature. A challenger. A high-intensity competitor. But, I'm learning to value the PAUSE. The inhale and... Continue Reading →

Tonight I write. Later I will sleep. Today I have prayed.

I won't share details from the past 24 hours because I vehemently guard my doula clients' privacy, yet I can say that I today I was stretched in this calling. Today a baby's first breathe was indescribably precious. Today, I've never been more grateful for the strength of prayers prayed for "tiny, but mighty" infants.... Continue Reading →

A Breathe for Your Weekend {Peonies & Birth Plateaus}

As you all probably know, I am a birth doula. I hold a bachelor's in journalism. A master's in curriculum and instruction. Six+ years as a middle school teacher. But, yes, I call myself primarily neither teacher nor writer, but rather doula. In the Greek, "A woman's servant." Emotional and physical support. A nurturer. Someone... Continue Reading →

The Birth Dance: Mama & Partner in Beautiful Rhythm

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” murmured a soon-to-be-dad, as he watched his fatigued wife briefly resting hours after her water broke. His wife had fought hard and long for her natural birth, laboring through transition-like contractions induced by Pitocin before finally needing something to take the edge off. Through those intense hours,... Continue Reading →

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