Of a Slightly Different Flavor {But a rainbow of colors}

My fingers and cuticles are stained a deep pink from hours of manipulating beets. Washing. Scrubbing. Cooking. Peeling. Chopping. Pureeing. Testing. There may be spinach and/or fennel fronds in my teeth, and I'll be sure to check before heading out the door for an afternoon meeting. But my skin is clearing, my snacking includes a... Continue Reading →


Feeding the thousands {With just two hands}

All too often I wake up with the weight of the day's tasks burdening my all-too-sleepy heart and body. I can become overwhelmed simply considering the needs of my nearly 100 students. I become even more overwhelmed when you add their families, my family, my coworkers and their families to my plate. Then, I turn... Continue Reading →

Drug bust!

Well, not quite, but nearly as exciting on one's average Wednesday morning. First, let me set the backdrop. An unusually-wired middle school boy bounces into my room yesterday morning, chirruping in between bounces, "I...[bounce]...had...[hiccup]...a Monster drink....this morning!" Despite my instructions to glue himself to his desk, the morning did not progress in a way that... Continue Reading →

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