What the heck do I do all day? {Cue weary laughter}

I seriously get this question all the time. So, "what do you do all day?!?" Especially in reference to running my small business, I receive blank stares in response when I say I need to set aside hours to "work." Yet, I appreciate this line of questioning, because I'm in the middle of processing what... Continue Reading →


Of a Slightly Different Flavor {But a rainbow of colors}

My fingers and cuticles are stained a deep pink from hours of manipulating beets. Washing. Scrubbing. Cooking. Peeling. Chopping. Pureeing. Testing. There may be spinach and/or fennel fronds in my teeth, and I'll be sure to check before heading out the door for an afternoon meeting. But my skin is clearing, my snacking includes a... Continue Reading →


Some mornings I am simply overwhelmed by how blessed I am. Simple things remind me. Jogging shoes. Streaming shower water. A cup of tea. Infertility and miscarriages aside, I live a gift. My life a gift. My Savior the ultimate Giver. For the past several weeks since my most recent miscarriage, I have been challenged... Continue Reading →

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