Pregnancy Reflection {These are a few of my favorite things}

Nights full of broken sleep. Coffee. Sore boobs. Half-finished sentences. Healing foods, supplements, and essential oils. Coffee. Newborn snuggles. Sibling snuggles. Coffee. Soaked nursing pads. Changing diapers. More coffee.  These are a few of the things that currently fill my days and nights. But, it was not so very long ago that my sweet Micah... Continue Reading →


Tonight I write. Later I will sleep. Today I have prayed.

I won't share details from the past 24 hours because I vehemently guard my doula clients' privacy, yet I can say that I today I was stretched in this calling. Today a baby's first breathe was indescribably precious. Today, I've never been more grateful for the strength of prayers prayed for "tiny, but mighty" infants.... Continue Reading →

A Silent September {A Personal Update}

I'm planning a silent September. Limited Facebook interaction other than checking one or two private groups that I'm part of. Less busy and more intentional working and playing and resting. More reading. More thinking. Maybe more writing. More kombucha making. I'm still working these details out... I've watched nine mamas struggle and laugh and groan... Continue Reading →

A Breathe for Your Weekend {Peonies & Birth Plateaus}

As you all probably know, I am a birth doula. I hold a bachelor's in journalism. A master's in curriculum and instruction. Six+ years as a middle school teacher. But, yes, I call myself primarily neither teacher nor writer, but rather doula. In the Greek, "A woman's servant." Emotional and physical support. A nurturer. Someone... Continue Reading →

The Birth Dance: Mama & Partner in Beautiful Rhythm

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” murmured a soon-to-be-dad, as he watched his fatigued wife briefly resting hours after her water broke. His wife had fought hard and long for her natural birth, laboring through transition-like contractions induced by Pitocin before finally needing something to take the edge off. Through those intense hours,... Continue Reading →

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