Of a Slightly Different Flavor {But a rainbow of colors}

My fingers and cuticles are stained a deep pink from hours of manipulating beets. Washing. Scrubbing. Cooking. Peeling. Chopping. Pureeing. Testing. There may be spinach and/or fennel fronds in my teeth, and I'll be sure to check before heading out the door for an afternoon meeting. But my skin is clearing, my snacking includes a... Continue Reading →


Something is Blooming {And it’s more than the peonies}

I think I surprise my husband with my taste in flowers. Even I have to admit that my preferences are a little strange. For example, I could care less about roses. I don't like potted plants (because I kill them in Colorado). Most store-bought bouquets just don't express the wild loveliness that I would prefer... Continue Reading →

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