My Miracle {On the Eve of Having Not Enough}

Micah laid in front of me on the bed, feet kicking, fists clenched, crying. I sobbed too. Waiting for my milk to letdown. Waiting for the tingle to know that Micah wouldn't have to work very hard to latch and drink. Despite several tongue and lip tie procedures, his latch has never been good. He... Continue Reading →


28 Week Update {We might have a baby this week}

Okay…where to begin... The big snowstorm that coated Denver in slush also freed up some appointments at the specialist's office this morning, and they were able to fit me in. Relief flooded me, as we walked through the doors once again of the same place that confirmed that Abby DIDN'T have spina bifida in November.... Continue Reading →

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Charlie Brown's Christmas' "O Tannenbaum" serenades my efforts to celebrate all that is precious, good, and . . . alive. Very alive. A frothy espresso rewards my nearly all-day cleaning and decorating efforts. Laundry done. Sheets and towels washed. Every inch of bathroom and bedroom cleaned and dusted. Christmas decorations dug out of storage and... Continue Reading →

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