Roots & Sky {Homecoming}

I've been waiting a long time to say that the Hasz family has finally come home. Matter of fact, I think I've honestly been waiting for some sort of a culmination. A mix of the "fire by night," the "cloud by day," and the promises of jobs, babies and peace to all align. Ever since... Continue Reading →


To My Micah {Family Letters Part III}

Click on the links to read To My Husband {Family Letters Part I} and To My Abby {Family Letters Part II}. Micah, Mama has been struggling to write your letter. You are the baby that has taught me something fiercer, something gentler, something braver, something more tender than anything that has come before. I have... Continue Reading →

Focus {And how to precariously balance}

This morning was a battle of the wills. Abby's versus my own. And, she doesn't just resemble me in feature. Apparently, she also inherited my "determination," shall we say, to interject one's own opinions and preferences into situations. This morning, the fight revolved around breastfeeding...or the lack thereof. You see, I'm ready to begin weaning... Continue Reading →

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