Motherhood In a Word {My Tribe Chimes In}

Several weeks ago I began to ask different mamas who are part of my online tribe to describe "motherhood" in a single word or phrase. A tall order, I know. A nearly impossible request. But as I wrestle with my value and role in the mundane routine that makes up much of the Little Years,... Continue Reading →


Mama Calm {3 steps to choosing peace}

1.Motherhood is hard. 2. Motherhood is glorious. 3. Motherhood is hard. ~Lisa Jo-Baker, Surprised by Motherhood Folks, I hope you have all realized by now that I'm not exactly the "filter-on-and-keep-it-PG" type of woman anymore. I'll attribute this partially to 11+ years of marriage, 4+ years of working in women's health, and then a healthy... Continue Reading →

Focus {And how to precariously balance}

This morning was a battle of the wills. Abby's versus my own. And, she doesn't just resemble me in feature. Apparently, she also inherited my "determination," shall we say, to interject one's own opinions and preferences into situations. This morning, the fight revolved around breastfeeding...or the lack thereof. You see, I'm ready to begin weaning... Continue Reading →

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