Apparently We Are All Really, Really Tired {And it is a tired that goes deeper than our next Venti latte}

My brain didn't quite emerge from its fog, as Abby appeared in our upstairs bedroom for the umpteenth time last night. My voice had lost its gracious "I'm-the-model-Mama" tone and taken on the "next-person-who-wakes-me-is-going-to-suffer-my-wrath" edge. Micah had already been awake to nurse twice, and my body groaned with the sheer effort of focusing on Abby's... Continue Reading →


Standing in night

"It's okay, Mama. Everything is going to be all right," I assured my mother, cell phone to ear, feet tracing a familiar pattern around the pond. Mama finished her dishes, while I told her about everything she already knew. Mamas are like that. As I talked, the steady cadence of crickets accompanied me, and I could not help but... Continue Reading →

Clasped between laced fingers

Irresistible lilies clasped between laced fingers. Intertwined stems arranged, gripped The bride plucks at the petals of the innocent blooms and trembles in satin slippers. This is her day, her dream. Standing in the church’s almost-empty foyer, she grins beneath her beaded veil.   Her sister squeezes her hand, whispering bits of nothing and pieces... Continue Reading →

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