Pregnancy Reflection {These are a few of my favorite things}

Nights full of broken sleep. Coffee. Sore boobs. Half-finished sentences. Healing foods, supplements, and essential oils. Coffee. Newborn snuggles. Sibling snuggles. Coffee. Soaked nursing pads. Changing diapers. More coffee.  These are a few of the things that currently fill my days and nights. But, it was not so very long ago that my sweet Micah... Continue Reading →


On the Topic of Working Moms {Part I}…

I went back to work when Abby was 5 weeks old. It was brutal. Physically. Emotionally. Mentally. And, I only needed to work for two weeks to polish off the 2013-2014 school year. As a teacher, I knew summer was just around the corner and that I would have 8-10 blissful weeks with my baby... Continue Reading →

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