To My Abby {Family Letters Part II}

{Click here to first read "To My Husband: Family Letters Part I"} Sweet Girl, Today, you turned 3.5 years old. You asked for balloons, a koala to hang Christmas ornaments on (what in the world?!?), and a vanilla bean scone with white icing and your name written on it - in no particular order. You... Continue Reading →


Where are you? {When wonderings and wanderings collide}

Are you in a season of restless searching? Is there a disquiet in your heart that perhaps can't be pinpointed? A wandering that has you looking in vain for the next big adventure? I am.  I often am. If perhaps you can identify with my heart's yearnings, then you understand the search for validation, the... Continue Reading →

While the emotions are still raw {Or when God says, “Not now”}

What a wonderful night of the midst of my colorful fantasy land two tests came up "pregnant." One even blinked the word at me in some ethereal code of congratulations. I was surrounded by family and friends to tell and surprise. It was beautiful. ~~~ Sitting on the bathroom floor, however, my miracle lasted... Continue Reading →

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