Motherhood In a Word {My Tribe Chimes In}

Several weeks ago I began to ask different mamas who are part of my online tribe to describe "motherhood" in a single word or phrase. A tall order, I know. A nearly impossible request. But as I wrestle with my value and role in the mundane routine that makes up much of the Little Years,... Continue Reading →


The mama’hood {And a $100 GIVEAWAY}

As I emerged from the fog of Abby's preemie days, I remember several things quite clearly. First, I felt very alone. Second, I had no idea what I was doing. Third, my tired brain no longer related to most humans in the same way. I mean, with 45-minute chunks of sleep between pumping, bottle feeding... Continue Reading →

Mama Calm {3 steps to choosing peace}

1.Motherhood is hard. 2. Motherhood is glorious. 3. Motherhood is hard. ~Lisa Jo-Baker, Surprised by Motherhood Folks, I hope you have all realized by now that I'm not exactly the "filter-on-and-keep-it-PG" type of woman anymore. I'll attribute this partially to 11+ years of marriage, 4+ years of working in women's health, and then a healthy... Continue Reading →

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