Sloane’s Birth Story | {part II}

My postpartum room was eerily quiet as I held up one of the tiny preemie onesies and name placard up against the streaming sunlight of my window, snapping a photo. A photo without my baby. My body had labored through the night and desperately craved sleep. But all I could think about was that my... Continue Reading →

Sloane’s Birth Story | {part I}

I can’t write about your birth earthside without first writing about when I first recognized your sweet presence. There I sat in the balmy dark front yard under the light of a full moon mere days away from your “embaby” transfer date, and I prayed. In the welcoming quiet of the night sky, I closed... Continue Reading →

Six Favorites for Glamping {and why Splendid Spoon is at the top of the list}

First of all, I should very clearly define this upcoming road trip + week-long fishing experience as MY version of camping. David continues to correct me: "We are GLAMPING, Honey. We have a cabin and a few basic amenities like electricity, a limited indoor kitchen, and some indoor plumbing conveniences." From my perspective, though, there... Continue Reading →

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