Fall in Love {Another Date Night in Box Story}

I swear that one day I'm going to hibernate in a beach house and become that lady that no one sees except for at the local coffee shop and along the sandy shoreline. Until then, I'm that entrepreneurial mom who sometimes dresses her children in dirty clothes and drives a very well lived in van.... Continue Reading →


Dating outside the box {with a Date in a Box}

David walks through the door around 5:15 pm after leaving for work before Abby and Micah are awake for the day, and I can only imagine the look he sees on my face. No, it's not adoration. Not sexy smolder (he's lucky if I'm out of yoga pants). But, pure, genuine relief. Another adult is... Continue Reading →

Mama Calm {3 steps to choosing peace}

1.Motherhood is hard. 2. Motherhood is glorious. 3. Motherhood is hard. ~Lisa Jo-Baker, Surprised by Motherhood Folks, I hope you have all realized by now that I'm not exactly the "filter-on-and-keep-it-PG" type of woman anymore. I'll attribute this partially to 11+ years of marriage, 4+ years of working in women's health, and then a healthy... Continue Reading →

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