When life sinks in . . . amidst a prayer and a song

Tears dried like saltwater on my face. The grief hit me tonight. Somewhat unexpectantly. I was tired after a long day and even more tired after a long month. It's hard to believe that it is only February . . . My tank top was wet with the droplets running down my cheeks unhindered by Kleenex... Continue Reading →


The Day After Death

Father, The clock reads 8:58 a.m., yet I feel as though I've been stuck in time. Stuck in the moment when my dad called me last Friday night to tell me that Grandpa Jack had died in his favorite chair, magazine in his lap, taking a nap, waiting for the weather to come on TV.... Continue Reading →

He trusts me. It’s called unfathomable love.

Good Morning, Sweet Sojourners . . . The sun reflects sharply off freshly fallen feet of snow around my porch windows. Diamonds sparkle in the fast-melting beauty. Here for a moment. Then gone. Raisin toast, broiled grapefruit, cereal, sliced banana, almonds, cottage cheese and blessedly hot coffee has disappeared from my kitchen table. Have I... Continue Reading →

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